Thursday, April 24, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: The 1975

Hello lovelies! By this time in the school year, I begin to repeat outfits literally every day... so when I have a free dress day at school (writing on t-shirts, jeans) I get super excited! I am weird! 

I'm wearing my 1975 shirt I got at Coachella. They were amazing and MATTY HEALY OH GOD

My jeans are from Urban Outfitters (dark blue) and my socks are from American Apparel. My shoes are 1461 Dr. Martens in some rose print :)

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stickerifying My Headphones

Hello lovelies!! Oh, I can't remember if I've done a post on these already... anyway, I thought I should.

I have a sticker obsession - I try to find them everywhere, from Japan to my local In-n-out. I stick them on my computer, my record player, basically all over. And of course, my pair of headphones!!

These are URBANEARS from Urban Outfitters. I loved the color, but I felt I needed to personalize them. I combined stickers from in-n-out, liza frank, and DIY stickers from magazine clippings to make them ~ super pretty ~. Yeah!! It's an easy way to make your headphones unique :)

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: basically everything is american apparel

Hello lovelies!! I didn't realize I was wearing all American Apparel until after I took these photos. Hint hint AA scouts!!!! PAY ME TO WEAR YOUR CLOTHING!!!

Top: American Apparel
Skirt: also American Apparel...

Socks: hey, guess what?!?! AMERICAN APPAREL
Shoes: game changer - ASOS

Choker: DIY

P.S. I'm going to do a choker DIY, possibly tomorrow but definitely this week!

xx Alyssa

Monday, April 21, 2014

Some Art I've Been Doing

Hello lovelies!! I thought I'd update you on some of the art pieces I've finished recently. 

This one is a collage thingy which includes:
an ink drawing of me being moody
a little quote a wrote that incorporates the line "perspective is for astronauts" from a book I love
my watercolor paper towel

I imagined this to be like the conversation through texting after a really fun night hanging out with an awesome person... that maybe doesn't want to talk to you anymore. I don't know?

And this is a little section of an ink and watercolor piece I'm doing. It's from a picture that was taken of me lacing up my Dr. Martens in Ireland last summer, and I love it! 

xx Alyssa

Friday, April 18, 2014

Choker Obsession

Hello lovelies!!! I have a confession to make... I'm obsessed with (making) chokers. I mean, I have all of the materials and the cutest charms and I just can't stop!!! I made two yesterday.

Look at all of the adorable charms!!! Amethyst, elephants, a charm from Venice (Italy), a star, and a little clover... I'm seriously addicted.

If any of you lovely readers have suggestions on how to wear chokers/what to wear with them, please comment! I need some outfit ideas for all of these necklaces!!

xx Alyssa

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lomography In Japan

Hello lovelies!! I got a bunch of photos back from developing recently, and I picked my four favorites to share with you. 

These photos were taken on black and white Ilford 120mm film in my Diana F+ camera. On the top is a photo of me in Tokyo and the cherry blossoms in one of the gardens there.
On the bottom is a neon arrow inside a mall and cherry blossoms/buildings from the same garden, as well as a subway sign. 

My scanner isn't working currently, so I'd have better pictures but this is all I can do right now :(

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Post Concert Depression

Me waking up: "why am I not at Coachella?"
Me at school: "everything sucks and I just want to go home."
Me at home: "when's the next concert I have tickets to?"

Top: Disclosure shirt from Coachella merch stand
Skirt: American Apparel

Socks: Japanese sock store???
Boots: Dr. Martens

xx Alyssa