A Los Angeles Teen's Style, Music, and Art Journal

A Los Angeles Teen's Style, Music, and Art Journal

Friday, March 27, 2015

New York City

Hello lovelies!!!

There's just something about New York. Not something sad - I'm not dressing in all black in mourning... It just makes me feel some kind of strength, you know? I've always admired people that can wear all black; those are the strong ones. They make me feel incompetent.

new york


$165 - allsole.com


Now I'm off to visit some more colleges around the East Coast. It's frightening and nerve-wrecking, but I'm so excited to almost be done with 11th grade and start applying to colleges. 

xx Alyssa

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break

Hello lovelies!! I'm writing this on my first official day of Spring Break, which is two weeks off of school until we really get down to work with AP exams, final exams, and finishing off school. As this is posted, I am currently in New York looking at colleges (scary) and exploring the city a bit, as I haven't been in ages (exciting). Here's some of the photos I've taken since we got out of school on Friday that I think encapsulate the beginning of Spring pretty well:

Friday morning, next to where I park my car for school.

Friday afternoon, me in art class wearing my Basquiat shirt and my DIY The Vaccines jacket.

Friday afternoon, me eating at my local In-N-Out wearing a vintage top and my Alexa Chung x AG skirt.

Friday evening, driving through Los Angeles.

Sunday afternoon, awkward selfy while my mom drives me to the mall (wearing my Elizabeth & James sweater and vintage Coach bag) so we can do errands. How fun.

Happy Spring Break!!

xx Alyssa

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Magazine Ads & Newspaper Articles

Hello lovelies!! In my post yesterday, I should you all the messy space that is my desk; today, I just wanted to comment on my pile of recent magazine and newspaper cut outs. 

I totally believe in the beauty of print. I recently got an internship at a super cool, LA-based magazine, and it was driven by my love for physical articles, photos, and other great content. There's just something about putting a cool article up on my wall, or loving the way certain brands make their advertisements. 

I've been loving Celine's ads for a while now, so I've got two in my current pile. The simplicity and cleanliness makes me so content and calm. 

I also have ripped out a two-page photo spread from a travel magazine about the forest, which is definitely my favorite environment. I love deep greens, browns, and the fog that runs through the wilderness.

Finally, I have articles on Alexa Chung and Kanye West. If you've been reading my blog, you'll understand my deep love/admiration/jealous of Alexa, so every time I see her in a magazine, I do a little fangirl scream and display it in my room ASAP. I've also really been loving Kanye's fashion line, so when I saw this great photo and accompanying article in the LA Times, I had to cut it out.

Long live print!!

xx Alyssa

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Desk Tour

Hello lovelies!! It may seem a little silly to do a tour of my desk, but I was just staring at it from my bed this morning and thought it was pretty interesting and deserved to be shared. So, here it is: my desk tour!

Look how the light hits it in the morning. So pretty!!!

Left Side:

Here's where I keep my CDs: mostly Vampire Weekend, The Wombats, Taylor Swift, and some mix CDs from friends and penpals. I've also got a candle, an awesome pick-puncher (turns credit/hotel/gift/etc. cards into guitar picks!!), and MY COACHELLA TICKETS!!! They've been sitting on my desk since I received them in the mail to remind me to smile everyday... because, well, Coachella exists.

I've got a pile of magazine and newspaper clippings, with Alexa Chung and Kanye West on top. There's a box I painted and decorated with seashells from Mexico that I keep receipts and tags in. I have a speaker (that black rectangle thing) that connects to my phone with Bluetooth, and my old iPod. I made this jar to collect loose change with a little drawing of the Icelandic flag on top to remind me to save up for an eventual trip to Iceland. Right next to it is my pens and colored pencils. 

Right Side:

The main attraction here is my sewing machine, which my mom surprised me with for Christmas years ago. To the right of it is my jewelry holder with an "A" for "Alyssa," my trusty IKEA lamp, another candle (from IKEA, of course), and a succulent that I'm desperately trying to not kill. 

The Hanging Things:

I have this thing on my wall which I'm pretty sure has no name, but it's insanely functional. I keep little IKEA jars with pins, paper clips, binder clips, and safety pins on its shelf. There's a tag from the Elizabeth & James sweater I just bought, and a paper crane made by my brother. I found this old Mary plaque thingy at a garage sale, so I glued a photo of Matty Healy of The 1975 on it. I hang my IKEA sewing kit, bracelets, and flower crowns from the pegs on the bottom.

The Wall, Pt. 1:

On the top shell of the hanging thing, I have a little wood block I made with a photo of the blue lagoon in Iceland. There's another photo of the lagoon in a glitter frame I got from Urban Outfitters, and a piece of embroidery I did with the lyrics from Arctic Monkey's "505" in another of the same frame. I have a glass block with an etching of huskies inside from Alaska in between them. On the left is a painting of model Chloe Nørgaard I did a few years ago, and a bunch of train/subway tickets from London, Paris, and Switzerland. Above is a piece of newspaper I got in an art bookstore, a vintage map of the London tube, and some disposable pictures from my trip to England last summer.

The Wall, Pt. 2:

From top to bottom: little cut-outs of Freddie and Justin from The Vaccines from a Levi's ad, a drawing from my lovely penpal Maria, a piece of embroidery with some weird quote written on it, a magazine clipping from my awesome penpal Rosie, some drawings from Rosie, and a ribbon for Founders Club (this club I'm in at school). 

Woohooo!!! I think my desk is a little cluttered. Oh well.

xx Alyssa

Monday, March 23, 2015

DiY: Too-Small T-shirt into a Crop Top

Hello lovelies! First of all - happy Spring!! Virtually nothing has happened to the weather over here in LA, but to my readers that actually live in a cold climate: I hope you're thawing out. As it feels like Summer already in California, I thought I'd do a cute little DIY on how to turn small t-shirts into adorable crop tops. 

I was doing a bit of Spring cleaning when I found a few t-shirts from travels years ago... as in, I was 8 years old. I thought the shirts were too awesome to let go, so I figured I could make them into American Apparel style crop tops. 

You will need:
- A too-small T-shirt
- scissors
- a reference shirt, one that fits you! Mine is from American Apparel.
- pins
- (not pictured) sewing machine
- (not pictured) measuring tape/ruler

Step 1: Place your reference shirt over the t-shirt, lining up the shoulders with the shoulders. We're doing this to see where we should sew the hem of the original t-shirt (in order to keep its original hem) to make it cropped. You want to fold up the edge of the original t-shirt to see where its hem meets the hem of your reference shirt. Measure the length you folded up, and write it down.

Step 2: Using that measurement, remove the reference shirt and fold up the hem of the t-shirt. Check to make sure the fold is the same as your measurement all the way around. Pin it up to secure it.

Step 3: Sew all the way around your hem, right along the original hem closest to the outer edge of your fold. This way, when we iron the shirt, it'll look as if it was always cropped, as you will have saved the original hem. 

Step 4: Using scissors, cut the fabric fold right next to the line you just sewed. Once all is cut, iron down the hem so it doesn't flip up.

And there you have it! This takes less than 30 minutes, and is a perfect way to transform old t-shirts you can't bear to let go. I mean, how cool are these from Australia and London? It's like I can wear my childhood everywhere I go!

Optional: Cut the sleeves along the original stitch in order to avoid fraying. Do this if the original sleeves are too small/constricting, or if you want more of a tank top look.

I will feature at least one of these in an outfit post soon! Let me know if you have any questions!

xx Alyssa

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello, Spring + Playlist

Hello lovelies!!!! It's a beautiful first day of Spring here in Los Angeles, and I thought I'd share some photos I've taken from the last couple of weeks that show how green it's gotten (since we actually had some rain). Making an appearance is the door of my wonderful Beetle, Lucy.

And some songs to start out your spring:

Spring // Two Door Cinema Club
Make My Sun Shine // Swim Deep
That's Where You're Wrong // Arctic Monkeys
Mansard Roof // Vampire Weekend
Magic // San Cisco
Who Needs You // The Orwells
Girls And Boys In Love // The Rumble Strips
Warm Foothills // Alt-J
Always Like This // Dan Croll
The World Is Watching // Two Door Cinema Club

xx Alyssa

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shop My Closet: Selling More On Poshmark

Hellooo lovelies! Just wanted to post about some new items I've uploaded to Poshmark. This stuff is from my (and my mom's closets) as I grow out of things, both physically and style-wise. Shop my closet by getting the app or going to https://poshmark.com/closet/visionsofnyc!

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American Apparel 3D Mesh Flower Breif

J Brand Acid Wash Distressed Grey Jeans

CHANEL (almost vintage) Mules with Kitten Heels

CHANEL Cap Toe Heels

Free People Lace Peter Pan Collar Crop Top

Urban Outfitters Cut Out Dress

Let me know if you have any questions/need help with Poshmark. I want all of my adorable clothes to get to people who will actually wear them :)

xx Alyssa