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Friday, June 29, 2012


My dream has been fulfilled! I've gone to the Oxford Circus Flagship Topshop store, and to Camden Market!

The Topshop store was amazing. As explained in this post, although the Pound is worth more than the American Dollar, Topshop has weird conversions so if you buy it in England, it's actually cheaper than in America. My mom promised me I could go on a mini shopping spree in Topshop because I've had to wear a uniform all my life and my "Upper School" next year allows regular clothes. Woohoo! Here's a few of my favorite pieces I got from Topshop. 

I also went to Camden Market! It's amazing there, like a giant Rose Bowl Flea Market with everything imaginable! I also payed a stop to Rokit Vintage Clothing, which was recommended to my by bluesirens on Tumblr. They had the coolest vintage finds, and I had so much fun!

What do you think of this haul? Like the modern stuff from Topshop or the vintage finds from Camden more? Or do you not like it at all? Let me know!
Going to Provence (South of France) tomorrow, lots of beautiful picture opportunities (and French cheese!)

Alyssa x

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yes, I'm here! I'm here! I'm here!

Wow, it's amazing here. I went to Paris when I was little, but I don't remember it like this. Everything is so... French. Okay, that's probably not a good word. Still, it's true. The food, the fashion, the air here... it just feels so surreal. The weather is lovely too. Here's the view out our window from our apartment in Place Dauphine:

Isn't it amazing? I'm so excited for tomorrow. I'll try to keep you guys posted as often as possible. After a week here in Paris, I'm traveling to London for 4 days. Then, the south of France. Finally, we're staying with friends in Geneva and in Zurich. I can't wait! Ahhhh! I'm dreaming, aren't I?

Alyssa x