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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hey lovelies! I've decided to make a little post series for redecorating my room. It'll be done sometime in October because my birthday is in October and redecorating my room is my birthday present from my family! 

So far I've taken down all of the pictures on my walls... It's so sad, the walls are so empty! I've made a stash of photos and magazine clippings that will eventually turn into a wall collage after my room is repainted. 

This is a model of what I want my room to look like:

I also started DIYing some things for my room. The backyard of my house is a hill with a lot of trees/brush, and since there are a lot of fires in California, we have to cut down the dead brush (there's a lot of it) every few years. Because of this, there are a lot of little branches at the top of the hill. I went outside and collected maybe 40 branches, washed them, sanded the outsides, took some of the bark off, and let them dry out (this is their second day of drying in the sun - I even made a foil oven so they'd get completely dry lol). I took 4 branches and hot glued them to a cork board that was previously covered with purple fabric (my current room has a purple/white/light green theme).

I love this DIY because it was unbelievably easy and it really adds to my room's theme of forest/england/cottage/cold place. I really need to think of a word for that.

xx Alyssa