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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Check out what I'm bringing in my bag to the actual festival!

I'm bringing Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunblock in 70 SPF and an old kids sunscreen stick for my face and lips.

Phone charger and wall adapter
They have charging stations inside of the festival, and I also want to charge my phone in my room.

These are Ray-ban's Clubmasters in black. Make sure your sunglasses actually protect against UV rays!

Mini flashlight
I'm bringing this for when it gets dark so I don't get lost or loose my friends. Also it has a watermelon print and it's really cute.

My hair is wavy and thick, so it's gonna get hot and gross on my neck during the day. To avoid that, I'm bringing thick hairbands.

I promise I'm not bringing ones to the festival, it was just for the picture! I've read that most vendors only take cash, and I don't even have a credit card so that would be stupid.

I have a billion of these single wipes, which are awesome for before and after eating as well as after you venture into the port-a-potties.

Plastic water bottle
Coachella doesn't allow metal water bottles inside, so I'm definitely bringing a plastic one to stay hydrated. This one takes up as little space as possible and still carries a substantial amount of water.

Not pictured:

Cell phone
Obviously!!! I'm also writing my friends' numbers on my arm in case my phone dies.

Full setlist
I think Coachella gives booklets when you get in the festival with the setlist and maps and stuff, but I'm gonna print an extra copy for each day just in case.

Map of the grounds
Again, I think this is in the booklet but I don't want to get lost.

Me and my friends are working out our conflicts and making a custom setlist before the festival. We're each gonna have a copy so that we can see as many of the acts we wanted to catch as possible. Also, if one of us gets lost, we'll know where the others are.

xx Alyssa

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