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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Here's the tunes I loved this past month.

5. The Rip Tide - Beirut

Beirut is opening for Vampire Weekend at the Hollywood Bowl (which I'm seeing!!!) and I couldn't be more excited. This song is one of my favorites. The first minute is filled with intense music that conveys the emotions of a storm over the ocean. The rest of the song is just pure awesome.

4. Lakehouse - Of Monsters & Men

I saw Of Monsters & Men at Coachella, but was only able to catch Little Talks, Mountain Sound, and this song. I was so happy because I absolutely adore Lakehouse... it reminds me of a lake I spent a week at last summer where I have about a million memories. 

3. Campus - Vampire Weekend

My love for this song has always existed, but it recently exploded into a giant cloud of perfect. Vampire Weekend was also amazing at Coachella, and this song was no exception. There was a dude next to me that new every word to it which, for some reason, made me really happy. I imagine going to a university on the East Coast every time I play this. It's great.

2. Petulia - The Kooks

I guess this counts as a last-minute add, considering I just remembered how good this song was last night right before I went to sleep. This followed by me trying to teach myself the guitar part (and failing). I always loved the slower songs from The Kooks (re: Seaside, Do You Love Me Still?), and this is no exception.

1. Everything - Ben Howard

I cannot put my love for this song in words. Every time I listen to Ben Howard, I close my eyes and picture staring through a window and seeing cloudy skies and rain. I may be one of the few who is ecstatic about rain... it's just so peaceful. Ben Howard is the soundtrack to May's rainy days, and Everything is the theme song.

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