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Friday, June 21, 2013


I am writing this at 5:08 in the morning in an effort to lessen the horrible jetlag I will have in Europe. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, so for the past three days, I've been waking up an hour earlier. Hopefully it'll help.

Since I'm going to be boarding two planes for a combined total of more than 12 hours tomorrow, I wanted to share some tips on what I'm wearing for the flight. 

What To Wear On An Airplane

Top: I like to wear baggy t-shirts, mainly because they're super comfortable. Plus, if you're getting too warm, a flowy t-shirt will keep you cooler than something tight.

Jacket/Sweater: Normally, planes are cold. If the place you are landing in isn't super hot, wearing a chunky jacket or sweater on the airplane is a good idea and will give you a little more room in your suitcase.
Pants (LEGGINGS!!!): I cannot stress enough how awesome leggings are. They're extremely comfortable, and they can feel like sweatpants without having to actually wear sweatpants. Just make sure the pair you have isn't see-through.

Shoes: For on your feet, wear the heaviest pair you planned to bring (as long as they're not heels - ugh it makes my feet hurt just thinking of it). Although my heaviest item are my rain boots (going to Ireland, people!), I'm opting for my vintage Dr. Marten.

xx Alyssa

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