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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HAUL: Birthday

mini birthday haul

Here's a few things I got from friends and family for my birthday on the 19th. First, I'm so excited for my new glasses. My old ones are getting all scratched up, and everyone at my school is getting them. I'm freaking out about the second Rookie yearbook, and I can't wait to stay up late reading it by my book light. I fell in love with Fjallraven backpacks when I got a classic lavender one for school, and this one was on sale so I decided to ask for it as an alternative and to use next year too. Also, I went to the mall with my lovely foreign exchange student on the day after my birthday and bought myself this flannel head scarf thingy. I've been wanting one forever and I cannot wait to wear it.

xx Alyssa

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