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Monday, November 4, 2013


          Hello lovelies! I haven't done a writing post in a while, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about something really important to me: organization, in the sense of how people stay organized and what organization means to them. To me, I think organization is a crucial skill when it comes to school and work. I mean, I'm 15... don't take advice from me on how to run your job. I just think that in order to be successful in important matters, one needs to be on top of all their responsibilities. For me, this includes doing all of my homework on time, studying for tests, knowing when important projects and other things are do, and actually having supplies for school Simple things, I know – you've probably heard it from teachers, parents, etc. I have different ideas, however, on organization in every day life.
          I'll give you an example. I'm a very creative person, and I've loved art for as long as I can remember. Once I started high school, I became more serious about art. I'd keep a little art journal to sketch keep track of my ideas. Honestly, though, I don't like to be organized with my art. I'm that person that doesn't do a rough draft. I rarely draw something in pencil before I draw it in sharpie. Sure, my weird art practices have lead to some mistakes... an disproportional finger on an otherwise nice hand, a too-small space where a flower petal should fit but squeezing one more in would make it look awkward. I believe that's part of the process of art. In my opinion, art should be spontaneous, with your thoughts flowing directly from your brain, through the tips of your fingers and onto the paper.
          Organization isn't necessary in all aspects of life. I'm a neat person, and my room is usually pretty clean. When I'm having a stressful week, though, I like to make a giant pile of clothes, school books, and cheerleading stuff in my room. Who cares? My room can be messy for a few days, so what. I'm too busy to clean it, so it's really a way of giving me less work. It sounds silly, but it helps for me.
          Don't get me wrong, I have myself together. I'm always on top of important tasks (well, most of the time), but sometimes, I just like to be a little unorganized. In the long run, it helps my thoughts become organized, which is the healthy thing to you. My advice to all of you lovely readers (like 10 of you probably) is to take a break from perfect and don't be afraid to let little things like keeping your room clean get a bit out of your control.
          xx Alyssa

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