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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello lovelies! So, last week I was feeling a little down, and I adventured into a territory I've never been to: angsty teen hair dyeing.

Don't get me wrong, I've dyed my hair many times before. At first I had purple extensions put in, which later transitioned to a strip of hair dyed red with kool aid, a DIY ombre job, an attempt at RIT-dyeing hair, and then...

PURPLE TIPS!!!  Basically, I've had this thing where once I want to dye my hair a certain color, I need to eventually get it out of my system. I've done red and blonde, and purple was on my list. I few months back, I picked up a 99 cent bottle of Adore purple rage hair dye at Urban - come on, it was begging for it!

I had a rough day at school, and I thought: "yeah, today's the day, I'm going to dye my hair purple". Mind you, my school does not allow colored hair. Did I care? No. I was being an angsty teenager.

I left the purple dye on the bottom of my hair wrapped in tin foil for about an hour, then washed it out without shampooing in the shower. It was super vibrant on my light brown hair for one wash, then diluted a little, and now I'm on my third wash. It's still definitely purple, just not as much as it was when I first dyed it.

At first, the color was really purple with blue tones; now, it's more of a reddish purple. I think that's cause the red in the dye sticks better/more to my hair than the blue.

Anyways, my opinions on this dye job have varied: at first, I was like "holy crap, why did I do this?", then "hey, this is pretty cool", and now "I like it but I kinda hope it fades out all of the way". It's still really cool though, so if it does fade completely, I might re-do it come summer. Maybe I'll go for the whole head (which'll only get me a purple tint since my hair gets darker closer to the roots). So yeah, there's my purple hair. I will happily answer any questions :)

xx Alyssa

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