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Friday, March 28, 2014

KNEE SOCKS (actually thigh-high socks but I like the Arctic Monkeys reference)

Hello lovelies! To all of you lovely people who started singing "when you walked around your house/wearing my sky blue lacoste/and your knee socks" when you saw this post, thank you. Great song.

Anyway, I really love knee socks. I wear skirts and shorts a lot, so knee socks are a great way to stay semi-warm and cover up a bit more; or, they can just add to an outfit. I own two pairs of American Apparel knee socks (which I love) but they do ride down as I walk.

I've found a great alternative - well, I didn't invent them - but thigh high socks make me very happy.

Normally, I just wear them and scrunch the tops down so they look like knee socks, and don't fall down. I got a maroon pair from Urban Outfitters that I cannot wait to wear! All I need now is a boyfriend with a sky blue lacoste...

xx Alyssa 

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