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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hellllooooo lovelies! Ok, so Coachella Countdown is now at like, 10 days. OH MY!!! Wow, I actually cannot contain my excitement and I might explode as I type this.

So for today, I thought I'd start with what jewelry I wear to Coachella; this applies to all music festival still. I made a master poster with tips about how to dress for Coachella, but I realized I left out jewelry, which is something that doesn't have specific rules for hot weather vs. cold weather festivals. 

Just some general rules: 
  • all jewelry shouldn't be lose... basically, anything that will bother you or other festival-goers while dancing is not a good idea
  • stay away from flower crowns unless they're tight/headbands. trust me; I've made multiple, and none of them would stay on my head or stay together for that matter in a festival crowd.
  • don't wear expensive jewelry because it's highly likely that you can loose it (especially rings)

Basically, don't be stupid and wear real diamond rings. Stick to cheap rings that you wouldn't cry for ages if you lost. It's better if they aren't bulky, too.


I'm all for the arm party at Coachella, but again, make sure the bracelets aren't annoyingly loose. It'll just be really frustrating fixing charms and stuff when you're dancing/jumping around.


This may sound weird/unbelievable, but last year at Coachella I was constantly finding necklaces on the ground. I think it's because they break while dancing and then just falling off without the wearer noticing. If you still want to wear a necklace, I'd go for a choker; they're tight, and I normally feel them when I'm wearing them so it's easy to notice if they've fallen off. 


I don't wear earrings cause I'm afraid I'll lose them or they'll get caught on my (even someone else's) hair. But, if you must, wear studs! Dangling earrings are a stupid idea, I promise.

Tomorrow I'll post about the fun stuff; face paint, stickers, and temporary tattoos! Yes, time to be a kid again!

xx Alyssa

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