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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MUSIC FESTIVAL ACCESSORIES: Part 2 (Face Paint, Gems Stickers, and Temporary Tattoos)

Hello lovelies! 9 days until Coachella, my favorite (well, I've only been to one) music festival!!!! Yesterday I posted a little guide to wearing jewelry at festivals, and today, we're gonna tackle the more exciting topics: face paint, stickers, and temporary tattoos.

Let's start with face paint!

I don't see this as much as Coachella, but at other music festivals, people paint their faces with UV/neon paint in designs around their eyes and eyebrows. Maybe I haven't seen it cause I don't hang around the EDM tent much, but this year, my friends and I think we might try it out. Hey, music festivals allow weirdness... where else can it be socially acceptable to have face paint? 

Basically, all you have to do to paint your face is dot around your eyes/eyebrows. You can do swirls, zigzags, get creative! Just make sure whatever paint you're using can come off easily, but not too easily that it'll sweat off. 


Here's another way to decorate your face so that you look like a fairy! You can get anything from little plastic gems at craft stores to beads and confetti and stick it on your face using eyelash glue if it doesn't have a sticker back already.

Temporary Tattoos:

Here's an idea: you can put temporary tattoos anywhere on your skin that doesn't rub against clothing (like you face, front of your neck) for a super cute effect. I've had little skull tattoos since Halloween, so I might use those for fun.

And as a little bonus...

Any cool ribbon you have, you can tie around your head (as a headband) or wrap it around your wrist to make a bracelet.

xx Alyssa

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