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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

COACHELLA 2014: Outfits (what I'm wearing!)

Hello lovelies!!! Only three days until Coachella Weekend 1 now, and I'm freaking out. The best weekend of the year is approaching fast, and I thought I'd finally share my outfits on my blog... I've had them planned out since practically December (I got my tickets on presale so I knew I was going)! Anyway, here's what I'm wearing in case you need some outfit inspiration:

Floral Crop Top (vintage, I sewed it into a tank)
Forever 21 Shorts
American Apparel Hat 

Motel Rocks Crop Top
Levi's Shorts 
Topshop Hat

MONKI Crop Top
Levi's High Waisted Shorts (Melrose Trading Post)
American Apparel Hat

I'm wearing my white high-top Chuck Taylor Converse all three days with white ankle socks. They're the only shoes I can walk in for hours and feel comfortable getting dirty cause I can just throw them in the trash.

I absolutely cannot wait for all of the amazing artists... not the 90 + degree weather (hence the three-day crop top and shorts streak). And of course I can give advice to anyone that wants to know what to wear, just leave a comment!

xx Alyssa


  1. Love the first one, especially the vintage tank! I'm going to a festival in the Summer, what bag do you recommend carrying and should I bring my camera? xo


    1. Thank you!! Definitely a backpack if you plan on dancing, cross body bags are so annoying as they make you feel lopsided (haha)! The smaller the backpack the better, too - big ones will flop around and hit people behind you. Also make sure you're wearing one that you can wash because it'll definitely get dirty (and gross from you dancing in it/being out in the sun)! xx

    2. oh, about the camera, if it's lightweight than sure! I normally take disposables because of their small size, so if it's like that size, then it's perfect. just don't take a big SLR camera obviously!! :)

  2. i love these outfits! i'm also going to a festival this summer and it won't be as hot as at coachella, but would a skirt be a good idea?
    you're so lucky you're going to coachella, have fun!


    1. I wore a skirt the first day of Coachella last year, and it worked out great... the only reason I didn't wear one again is because it was a little tight (denim circle skirt from American Apparel) and my stomach hurt after I ate haha! But yes, skirts are definitely cool :)
      xx Alyssa