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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

COACHELLA 2014: What's In My Backpack

Hello lovelies!!! Oh, only two days until Coachella... if you couldn't tell, I'm shaking with excitement. Here's what I'm bringing in my day bag to Coachella, just to help out anyone that was worrying they were bringing too much/too little!

I'm bringing my small Kipling backpack this year because it's light and waterproof (I think).
It also fits everything I need, with extra room for merch and anything else I accumulate at the festival.

American Apparel headwrap - I use this for keeping my hair back so it doesn't get in my face while dancing. I might switch it out for one that's not flannel, but this is all I have now.
American Apparel hat - This is a must-have. Without a hat comes lots of face sunburns while waiting for sets at the Outdoor or Coachella stages.
Light jacket - I got this baseball jacket in Japan, and it's made of nylon so it's thin and I cant roll it up really small. It takes up so little room and is perfect for when the sun goes down and temperatures drop.
(bonus life points if you just started singing Arctic Monkeys in your head).
Sunscreen - This is super important. You cannot go to Coachella without sunscreen or you WILL look like a tomato if you're pale. 
Sunglasses - Again, and necessity.
Money pouch - I don't like having money floating around, and since most vendors only take cash, a little pouch is perfect for keeping track of it all.
Watch - I didn't bring a watch last year, but I definitely will this year. I have my phone off a lot of Coachella since the battery drains relatively fast, and a watch is perfect for checking the time (no way) without having to turn my phone on or constantly looking at it. Don't miss the sets you want to see!
Mini flaslight - Just in case I get separated from my friends at night; this includes walking through the giant maze to the shuttles.
Chapstick - The desert is dry. This is a given.
Earplugs - These were free on my recent airplane flight, and they're super useful for when you're trying to stake out a spot for your favorite band and you have to stand through an excruciatingly loud set of music you don't particularly like. This happened to me last year and earplugs would've been awesome.
Plastic water bottle - First of all, it needs to be plastic cause Coachella doesn't allow metal. Water is 2$ at Coachella, so if you're prepared to spend that money multiple times per day, go ahead. But when you're me and you spend close to 50$ worth of pizza throughout three days, the savings add up and are worth keeping the bottle in your backpack. The festival has free filling stations, and the water's cold! Where's the logic in not bringing a water bottle?

Happy almost Coachella!

xx Alyssa

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