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Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY Leather Cord Choker

Hello lovelies!!! I'm finally doing a choker DIY! It's super simple and really awesome cause it's crazy cheap.

You will need:
metal jump rings
metal end clasps
metal closures
leather cord
a charm (of course)
wire clamper plier thingy (not pictured)

Step 1: measure your cord
I used an existing choker I had to measure and cut my cord, but if you don't have one, use a measuring tape around your neck and use that measurement. Add a centimeter on for insurance (we won't be tying knots at the end).

Step 2: close one end
Using the pliers, clamp one end metal closure to one side of your leather cord.

Step 3: charm time
 Slide on your charm!

Step 4: Repeat step 2 but on the other end of the cord. 

Step 5: close it up
Attach a metal clasp to one side using a jump ring and your pliers. Open the jump ring, slide it through the closure, then through the clasp, and re-close it.

Step 6: other side
Repeat step 5 on the other end closure, but don't put a clasp on it too. Just a jump ring!

Aaaaand you're finished! How easy was that? Comment if you need help/have any questions!

xx Alyssa


  1. This was exactly what i was looking for. thank you!

  2. this is so cute! i'll definitely try it out soon!