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Monday, May 12, 2014


Hello lovelies!!! Wow, this year has gone by fast. First thing it was in September and I was just a lil girl with a lot of high school left in front of her. Next thing I knew, it was May and that lil girl had an AP test in a day and a trip to England coming up really really fast. (the lil girl is meeeeeeeee)!!!!!

If you've been following my blog, you'll know how much I love all this British. Yes, I am an anglophile. No, I am not an American that's like "Say more words! Have you met the queen?" - I'd like to think I'm a little more educated and a little less... annoying. I'm rambling. What I'm trying to get to is that I hosted a lovely foreign exchange student from England through our schools last October, and I get to visit them this summer!

Me and a group of people from my school (most of whom hosted students in October) are taking a trip across the pond in only 26 days to explore London and then go meet up with our exchange friends. I cannot wait. I've been to England twice before, and not just London - I went to the Cotswolds and stayed at a lovely cottage with family friends. I want to explore more of England, and I cannot wait to go to Somerset... I've heard the sunsets are beautiful!!

Foreign Exchange to England

I'm already starting to pack, which is kinda sad. I'm not sure if I should bring any of my American Flag clothing... Funny story time! When the English students visited us, they got to come to a football game. I'm a cheerleader, so I watched from the track around the field as my school's cheering section sang the Star Spangled Banner and waved our giant American flag (my school's colors are red, white, and blue). It was so hilarious seeing the Brits standing with high school boys, clueless. We have this joke rivalry, of course - it's always funny to make fun of each other's accents and slang words.

Oh man, I'm so excited! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! If you're from the UK and have any advice for me on how to not be an annoying American, let me know please. My friends and I have promised to let one another know when we're talking too much like Valley Girls... hey, I'm not ashamed! It's just a bit of a habit sometimes. 

xx Alyssa


  1. Ah that's so exciting your coming to england! Yep the queen question is pretty annoying but always makes me laugh. I can't imagine going to a football game and having cheerleaders, it would be just like those high school movies! Slang words are always great to exchange! xo


    1. It is seriously aaaaaaall I think about!!! It's like asking an American if they've met Obama and only eat at McDonald's... So funny about the football, it's so normal for us :) And of course, we love using all the worlds we've learned from the brits to confuse our friends haha! x

  2. omg you're so lucky/that's so exciting!!
    love the outfit!
    have a great trip! :)

  3. this is so cool! I would literally love to go on an exchange, you're so lucky! I so want to have like an american high school experience which probably sounds a bit weird but I've watched so many movies featuring them! my grandma lives in the cotswolds and it's so pretty! I hope you have fun in London and Somerset - some of the accents in Somerset are amazing! Think very stereo typical english farmer (I hope no-one takes offence from this description, it's literally one of my favourite accents) <3 xxx


    1. I completely understand, it would be lovely if everyone could experience American high school! My school is decently small and also not even that spirited, so I even sometimes want to "exchange" at a bigger/more classic American high school sometimes... I loved the cotswalds, everything was so green and adorable. And I cannot get enough of their accents, we of course tried imitating them when they came here, but I'm so excited to meet more people!! xx