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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Helloooo lovelies! Well, I'm going to England in 9 days if I hadn't reminded you already... it's all that I can think about. One of my favorite things about England? Topshop.

Ok, I know we have it in America. I visited the flagship store in NYC when it first opened, as well as the ones in LA and Vegas. Still, there's a few differences: the clothes Topshop chooses to have in-store in the US, especially LA, are not the same as they sell in the UK - they're honestly not as cute sometimes. I don't know why, probably the weather/target market differences. Also, Topshop doubles all of the their prices when they convert Pounds to Dollars; for example, a 50 pound dress would be $100, instead of the real exchange value, which is about $84 as of now. That's $16 less that I would pay if I bought the dress in England. Hence my obsession with Topshop in the UK.

Here's what I'm hoping to stock up on when I'm there:

Topshop Shopping List

1. Crop Sweaters (jumpers)
I own this crop in light blue, but I've worn it so much that I want a new one (or just more!!). I wear so many high-waisted bottoms that crop jumpers come in handy all of the time. They're not too heavy, so I can wear them with skirts when the weather gets hotter.

2. Cropped Basic Tanks/Tees
I love Topshop's basic stuff, and I need more staples like this top to wear with my high-waisted bottoms and pattern jackets/sweaters.

3. Skort
These aren't a big trend where I live yet, but I've been seeing skorts like this on Instagram and Tumblr a lot lately. I love plaid (really, I'm obsessed), and this one looks perfect.

4. Frilly Socks
I live in Topshop frilly socks. I only have two pairs, and I'm in need of more. They make an outfit a little more girly, and are waaaaay cuter than normal ankle socks.

5. Flat White Sandals
I've seen these sandals in Topshop at Nordstrom and really wanted them, but again, they're cheaper in England. Super cute for summer.

6. Tortishell Sunnies
I've seen some old pictures of Alexa Chung wearing tortishell sunnies like these, and I mean, she's a goddess. How could you not want to look like Alexa Chung?

If there's anything that you have your eye on from Topshop (or something you got recently that you love), let me know so I can look for it during my shopping trip!

xx Alyssa


  1. ugh that skort is to die for :) topshop have amazing things, but they are so expensive in australia. i love their jeans and plaid stuff. you're so lucky to visit the uk!! will you be blogging while you're there?

    1. Yeah it's so annoying how expensive it is in the US too...I will!! I already made sure I had wifi in my hotel for that specific reason :)