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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


     Hello lovelies!! Today I'm actually going to write a lot and share some stories and we'll see how this goes. I'll start out with explaining my inspiration for writing this. Rookie Mag, a.k.a. my favorite thing ever, has this theme which they stick to for all of the posts throughout the month. This month's is ACTION, which really resonated with me. I read Tavi's Editor's Letter, where she explains how she wants to write about ACTION because she has just graduated from high school; although reminisincing about the past four years has been nice for her, Tavi writes how she understands she can't dwell on the past and she needs to get on with her life. I completely agree.
     I'm a very nostalgic person. One of my friends describes herself as "nostalgic as hell," which I totally understand. I mean, I'm only 15 - I get it, I don't have a lot to look back on. Oh, but I do... I remember 5th grade when all that mattered was how good you were at four-square and the fact I got in trouble in math class for writing with a purple pen. 6th grade brought a bit of bullying towards me, for which I still hold a grudge. 7th grade was not fun at all (at least as I remember it); my brother is in 7th grade now, so hearing about everything he does is really bringing my memories of getting bad grades on tests in classes I hated. 8th grade was alright... we read Catcher in the Rye and To Kill A Mockingbird, so that was my favorite year of English class at least. Looking back on 9th grade, it was extremely easy school-wise and I would really love to be able to say that about this year. Nevertheless, 10th grade has been tough. School is a million times harder (hyperbole intended), and although I found some classes like AP European History and my honors British Lit course really interesting, it was still a whole lot of work and studying and reading and even some crying. Which lead me to come to the conclusion that, hey! I cried more over school this year than I did over people!  That's a first. Although that seems a little weird, I'm kinda proud of it. This year, I haven't let people get to me as much. I shook it off, and tried to focus on school instead. It's stressful, but it's better than being preoccupied by people who don't deserve your time.

      Not everything has gone perfectly, though. I failed a chemistry test I studied really hard for, I got rejected from an arts program I was hopeful about, and I was disappointed by a few people here and there. School and cheerleading frustrated me, and I felt a little alone sometimes (drowning in work ha ha ha). But basically, in retrospect of this past school year, I've understand that life goes on. Next year will most likely be the most frustrating/hardest/stressful year I've encountered, but it will happen, and it will pass. I only have two more years until I'm done with high school. Scary.
      I'll go off on a little tangent (I have a math final exam today, please send your prayers): I'm going on a trip to England with three of closest friends in less than a week with our school. I'm such an anglophile: I have been since like, 5th grade. Yes, I was obsessed with bad British pop music in 7th/8th grade. I am not afraid to admit it. Basically, what I'm trying to get at is that my friends that are going on the trip and I are currently reminiscing about all of the embarrassing music we listened during our crazy UK obsession phase (cough cough One Direction), and therefore, I'm listening to mainly that music while studying for my final exams (cough cough One Direction). Specifically: One Direction's first album, Up All Night. Come on, admit it - you've listened to it before. And if you haven't, you always wanted to see what all the fuss was about. My friends and I are planning to listen to all of their songs on the plane to England in celebration of us finally making the trip across the pond together. 

Up All Night. Source: Wikipedia

    So I'm trying to explain how I've been looking back a lot lately: on my past music taste, decisions, actions, etc. But what I realized is that LIFE GOES ON!!!! I've noticed a lot of people have been feeling a little down lately, wether it has to do with school, other people, or just the future in general. I wanted to talk about this today because I think people should be happy. I think we should all live in the moment and not force a lot of stress upon ourselves. Especially you, teenage girls: you have your whole life in front of you! Don't waste a day! You want to start an online magazine? Do it! You want to write a song? Write it! Hell, write it and recorded it and share it with your friends! Failing that chemistry test will not matter when I'm 40 (Submarine reference). I have a giant stack of papers from this year that I don't need, and I'm planning on using them in the fireplace to roast marshmallows in a few days. This summer will be amazing, and I don't have to keep dwelling on everything that happened in my sophomore year (or any year before). I can get on with my life and just be happy!!! Happy about high school!!!! And everything that comes with growing up: going to concerts, getting my license, thinking about college, making new friends, being adventurous, learning a lot of interesting stuff in school, getting better at whatever I want to do in life. 

     Life goes on! It does, I promise. Let's just be excited for the future.

Sorry if this was a little deep.
xx Alyssa


  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS ALYSSA<3 I've literally been so stressed at the moment (gcses ew ew ew) but also have had a really weird mix of intensely happy spurts, so basically my moods and emotions have been all over the place, and I really needed to hear this from someone. Literally just today I screwed up a paper making up like 40% of my english lit grade for my entire time at secondary school and there have been times in the run up to my exams when I've completely shut down, done no work, made no notes in class and just gave up, not bothering to bring any books or stuff to my lessons (which was v. stupid when it came to revision sources woops) but BASICALLY i had a screwy time and tried to pretend it was okay when it wasn't. I've hopefully pulled it together but it's still been as stressful as hell and it's comforting to know that it's okay and normal and won't matter in a few years time anyway. I think I knew it, i just needed to hear it from someone else. On another note, congrats on making it over here soon haha! I hope you enjoy your time on british soil and enjoy the 1D tunes (everything about you, taken and tell me a lie are particular faves of mine) and good luck with everything, maths finals included. you'll be fab! <3 <3

    (i didn't realize how stressed and freaked out i was until i read this and burst into tears, like for real. luckily I have 2 weeks left then i'm done and i could not be more ready dear god haha)

    1. Woooow and I love this!! I totally understand, although my finals only count for 20% of our grade it's still really nervewracking when you don't even finish the test (haha math). But it's over!!!! Celebrate that you're done with it, and we'll fix our mistakes next year :) Xx

  2. I relate to this on a level that I wasn't aware that I could relate to anything on. I am the most nostalgic person ever. I basically live my life reminiscing about the past, and then I get sad when I remember how ~productive~ and ~active~ in comparison to now. It's always at the back of my head that life goes on, but it's so easy for me to get discouraged when I compare the past to now, but this, this is so perfect. It's so incredibly encouraging when teenage girls write to teenage girls about being happy, cause we all understand each other in a way, so if you can be happy about life, well then I can too right? Now I want to jam out in my room to Up All Night cause it's wonderfully cheesy! Thank you for this post alyssa!

    ps. have a wonderful time in England! x


    1. I'm so glad you understand!! And it really is the best cheesy album :)