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Thursday, September 25, 2014

WISH LIST: 16th Birthday

Hello lovelies!!! I'm almost 16, wooohooooo! I'm the baby of my grade, so it's really nice to finally have my birthday once it comes around to October 19th. Here's what I've had my eye on in the present department this year: 

birthday list

I Forget Where We Were, Ben Howard's sophomore album, comes out the day after my birthday. Rookie Yearbook 3 comes out one day later. Even though I wouldn't actually get these on the day of my ~sweet 16~, I'm still dying for them. I cannot wait.

I always lose my little rings, and I think tiny silver bands are the cutest things ever, so I need a few new ones. I also need some new sunnies as my old ones are falling apart.
I cannot wait to finally be 16!

xx Alyssa

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