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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hellooooo lovelies! I don't feel too bad about my procrastination of this post because as I write this in California it is 8:29, and therefore, not 2015 in any part of the United States. I did it! I made a playlist of all of the songs that I discovered/listened to endlessly this year. This is basically the soundtrack to my 2014, and although it is great, I can't wait to discover loads of new artists/songs/albums in 2015.

I also wanted to make a little list of the things that I did that made this year memorable:
-dyed my hair darker brown
-got a second piercing on my left ear (today!)
-took my first college entrance exam
-learned how to drive and got my dream car, a volkswagen beetle
-played high school level soccer
-went to England to visit my friend and made the best memories
-went to Coachella 
-travelled to Africa and went on Safari
-watched loads of movies and got into a bunch of new artists

I cannot wait for 2015. Happy New Year! 

xx Alyssa

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