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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DIY: Dr. Martens Boots to Low-Cut Shoes

Hellooooo lovelies! Recently, I did a little DIY with an old pair of Dr. Martens that I bought from the Melrose Trading Post (vintage). They were 1460s, which is the original style. A few months ago, I bought another pair of newer Dr. Martens from the Melrose Trading Post, and now I wear those instead of my old ones. I thought I'd put them to good use by cutting them down to four-holed loafers!


I unfourtunately forgot to take pictures during the actual process, but it's pretty easier to explain.

You will need:
sharp scissors
and old pair of boots
short laces
new insoles (optional!!)

Using my scissors, I cut around the boots, starting with the back and going out towards the sides. I marked the height to cut the boots using another pair of 1461 (the loafer style) Dr. Martens I own. I even re-attatched the tags that were on the top back using super glue.

You have to use the super glue to secure the back of the boot where the tag is as well as the sewed-together parts near the eyelets - otherwise, your shoes will fall apart!!

I bought these new insoles from the Dr. Martens store, as my boots were extremely old and didn't really have soles anymore. They're super comfy and fit perfectly because they're made by Dr. Martens!

Also, make sure you get a pair of laces that fits the new shoes! I had these from another pair of creeper-type shoes, but I'm sure you can buy some from Dr. Martens in-store or online.

One more note: the 1461 loafer-style Dr. Martens only have three holes, but 
I chose to make mine four just incase because I didn't want to cut them too short. I may go back later and cut them shorter... not sure yet! :)

xx Alyssa

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