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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

LA WEEKEND: Korean food, Pink's Hot Dogs, Free City Supershop, IKEA

Hello lovelies!! I recently finished my first semester final exams (yay!), and so I spent the three-day weekend (today was Martin Luther King Jr. day) relaxing and spending time exploring my city. I've made it a goal recently to visit places in Los Angeles that I've never been to, as I have less than two years left here (College, ahhh!). 

I ate Korean food for the first time, which was not really very different from what I suspected. I got noodles and dumplings from a booth at the Farmer's Market next to Space 15 Twenty - not really sure what it's called.

I sat on some steps and ate my food while a little coffee stand behind me played Arctic Monkeys on shuffle. It was a lovely lunch.

I also went to IKEA in Burbank, which is basically like Disneyland to me. I love walking through all of the fake rooms and looking at the Swedish books that are in all of the bookshelves. It amazes me.
I also recently discovered IKEA sells fabric (meant for interior decorating), so I bought a yard of two super cool prints to make dresses, skirts, etc. So if you see a girl on the streets of Los Angeles that matches your pillows and bed spread - that's me!

After driving past it countless times, I visited the Free City Supershop near The Grove. I loved their store that used to be in Malibu; all of the decorations in-store were so cool and I always thought the art on their (overpriced) sweatshirts was awesome. I bought a pair of socks because they were relatively cheap and adorable... they also gave me a free loaf of bread with my sock purchase. Why? I couldn't tell you. But it was delicious.

I finally got to try one of the legendary hot dogs at Pink's. My mom took me. It was delicious. I took this photo of my outfit while waiting in line (it was worth it).

Shoes: Dr. Martens
Dress: American Apparel
Bag: Vintage (Coach)

xx Alyssa


  1. omg i have the white plant bed sheets! ikea is love, i spend way to much time freaking about their aesthetic

    1. Me too!!! literally my favorite store!!

  2. your blog is so gorgeous omg I can't even
    I think it's the coolest thing. I live in Australia but was born in LA and I visit often, so your wanderings around the city are really relatable. Were you able to go and see Tavi Gevinson & Petra Collins at space twenty a couple of years back? Apparently their expo Strange Magic was amaze I wish I could have gone! ok I'm off stay gold x


    1. ahhh thank you! fun fact... I'm an Australian citizen! and I did get to see Tavi and Petra, I used to have a blog post about it but it was deleted by accident I think... The exhibit was super cool and tavi even bought me horchata at the farmer's market close by, it was awesome!