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Thursday, February 26, 2015

DIY: Make a Pullover Into a Coat

Hello lovelies! I took a little trip to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet at the beginning of February, and got this awesome vintage sailor jacket from the US Navy. It was a big pullover-style wool coat, and although it's awesome as-is, I decided it would be a little more flattering if the front was open (like a coat). Here's how I did it:

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(the finished product)

You will need:
Measuring tape/ruler
A pullover jacket you want to cut into a coat!!
Bias tape
(not pictured) a sewing machine
(optional) good tunes!!!!: Junk Of The Heart - The Kooks

#1: Measure the middle point on the collar and on the hem, and connect the line with chalk.

#2: Cut the line you just drew; don't worry if it's not perfectly straight, you're going to cover it with bias tape!

#3: Measure the bias tape (I chose black to match the black of the jacket) so it covers the raw edge, plus a tiny bit more.

#4: Pin the tape around the raw edge.

#5: Sew down the bias tape twice in order to secure it.

#6: Repeat on the other raw edge. Now you have a super cool jacket that shows your super cool shirt/dress/whatever you're wearing underneath!


I love my jacket. It's so cool... it even has the name of the guy that owned it written on the tag! It's my own little piece of US history.

xx Alyssa


  1. That is such a clever idea! It's such an interesting item! xx

  2. such a good idea! love this look, wish I could do stuff like that xx
    elly from alldeathbydiamonds

  3. this is so cute, i've been dreaming of sailor type tops since me and a friend saw some in a flea market but made the mistake of not buying them

    1. thanks!! I love sailor tops... I saw a bunch in Japan but didn't get them (why????) and I really want a matching set!