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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hello lovelies! Last week at my high school, it was Spring Spirit Week; this basically means we had different themes every day and had to dress up in a costume/outfit that went with the theme. The themes included 'Merica Monday (all patriotic gear), Class Color (each grade has their own, mine is white), 80s Workout Wednesday, Sand vs. Snow Thursday, and Valentine's Day Friday. 

When you put a bunch of teenagers in one building and allow them to break usually-strict dress code to wear costumes and looks stupid, you get some pretty interesting outfits. For the Sand vs. Snow theme, one of my friends in my English class mixed a bunch of floral/Hawaiian-like prints for his themed dress. I asked to take a picture of him after class, which is the reason for my terrible photoshop skills - I tried to get rid of the weird whiteboard background. My apologies.

I wore this cool vintage Diane von Furstenberg Hawaiian shirt, birkenstocks, and a denim circle skirt from American Apparel.

I just loved the way his socks almost matched his shorts, and the flamingo print on the shirt, even though it was totally unrelated to the floral print, worked really well due to the same color scheme. Honestly, most students don't aim to be fashionable on these spirit days, but whether it was intentional or not, I thought this outfit was great. Also - this is a first of Visions of NYC: men's fashion??

visions of new york city

xx Alyssa


  1. okay that school tradition sounds amazing. love your outfit too! x

  2. matching socks and shorts is now something i aim to do. also the american apparel denim circle skirt is lit all i where when it's sunny.....but it's never sunny over here so i wear it approx 2 days out of a year x

    1. I think it's so cute, def gonna try it more that my friend pulled it off so well haha!! Aw, hey I can't wear my skirt to school normally because of our dress code so I don't get to wear it that much either :(

  3. I love your shirt! xx

  4. I thought you were comparing your outfit to some runway model, but that guy is someone in your class??? Befriend him. Befriend him now. That outfit rocks.


    1. It's awesome! Totally above teenage boy style level, and when I asked him if I could take the photo, he said he really try!