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Monday, February 16, 2015

OLYMPUS 35RC: Me Trying To Figure Out How To Work A Film Camera

Hello lovelies! Last weekend, I visited the Rose Bowl Flea Market with my friends as a fun thing to do on a Sunday. I ended up buying some really great stuff: two pieces of clothing (that will be featured in another post), and this awesome Olympus 35mm camera. 

All I did was clean up the metal and superglue the lens cap to the little string that keeps it attatched to the camera strap so I don't lose it. The camera is in pretty great condition. The star sticker was not there when I bought it. It's my personal touch :)

One of my friends that was on our little Flea Market trip is really into photography, so I had him make sure all of the technical stuff works; I've never owned or used a real film camera with lots of functions (just my Diana F+ and Lomo'Instant, which are relatively easy to learn/use). I'm going to get some film soon and figure out how to shoot cool photos... I've even found the original manual in PDF format online. The camera is from the 70s, and as with all old cameras, I feel like taking photos on it will just transport me back in time. Film is so beautiful, anyways.

If anyone has any tips for me on how to work this (ISO/ASA, F-Stop, shutter speed, etc) I would greatly appreciate it. Camera-speak is a foreign language to me.

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xx Alyssa


  1. always make sure the iso of the film you use matches what you've set your camera to, and remember to fully rewind the spool once you've used up all the exposures! analogue is so brill, have fun x

    1. Thank you, I'm so scared of not putting in/taking out the film right!! :)

  2. thie camera is so cute!! bet you're gonna get some great pictures on it xx

    elly from alldeathbydiamonds

    1. It's adorable! If I can figure out how to actually use it :)