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Monday, March 23, 2015

DiY: Too-Small T-shirt into a Crop Top

Hello lovelies! First of all - happy Spring!! Virtually nothing has happened to the weather over here in LA, but to my readers that actually live in a cold climate: I hope you're thawing out. As it feels like Summer already in California, I thought I'd do a cute little DIY on how to turn small t-shirts into adorable crop tops.

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I was doing a bit of Spring cleaning when I found a few t-shirts from travels years ago... as in, I was 8 years old. I thought the shirts were too awesome to let go, so I figured I could make them into American Apparel style crop tops. 

You will need:
- A too-small T-shirt
- scissors
- a reference shirt, one that fits you! Mine is from American Apparel.
- pins
- (not pictured) sewing machine
- (not pictured) measuring tape/ruler

Step 1: Place your reference shirt over the t-shirt, lining up the shoulders with the shoulders. We're doing this to see where we should sew the hem of the original t-shirt (in order to keep its original hem) to make it cropped. You want to fold up the edge of the original t-shirt to see where its hem meets the hem of your reference shirt. Measure the length you folded up, and write it down.

Step 2: Using that measurement, remove the reference shirt and fold up the hem of the t-shirt. Check to make sure the fold is the same as your measurement all the way around. Pin it up to secure it.

Step 3: Sew all the way around your hem, right along the original hem closest to the outer edge of your fold. This way, when we iron the shirt, it'll look as if it was always cropped, as you will have saved the original hem. 

Step 4: Using scissors, cut the fabric fold right next to the line you just sewed. Once all is cut, iron down the hem so it doesn't flip up.

And there you have it! This takes less than 30 minutes, and is a perfect way to transform old t-shirts you can't bear to let go. I mean, how cool are these from Australia and London? It's like I can wear my childhood everywhere I go!

Optional: Cut the sleeves along the original stitch in order to avoid fraying. Do this if the original sleeves are too small/constricting, or if you want more of a tank top look.

I will feature at least one of these in an outfit post soon! Let me know if you have any questions!

xx Alyssa

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