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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hello lovelies!! In my post yesterday, I should you all the messy space that is my desk; today, I just wanted to comment on my pile of recent magazine and newspaper cut outs. 

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I totally believe in the beauty of print. I recently got an internship at a super cool, LA-based magazine, and it was driven by my love for physical articles, photos, and other great content. There's just something about putting a cool article up on my wall, or loving the way certain brands make their advertisements. 

I've been loving Celine's ads for a while now, so I've got two in my current pile. The simplicity and cleanliness makes me so content and calm. 

I also have ripped out a two-page photo spread from a travel magazine about the forest, which is definitely my favorite environment. I love deep greens, browns, and the fog that runs through the wilderness.

Finally, I have articles on Alexa Chung and Kanye West. If you've been reading my blog, you'll understand my deep love/admiration/jealous of Alexa, so every time I see her in a magazine, I do a little fangirl scream and display it in my room ASAP. I've also really been loving Kanye's fashion line, so when I saw this great photo and accompanying article in the LA Times, I had to cut it out.

Long live print!!

xx Alyssa

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