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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hello lovelies!! It may seem a little silly to do a tour of my desk, but I was just staring at it from my bed this morning and thought it was pretty interesting and deserved to be shared. So, here it is: my desk tour!

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Look how the light hits it in the morning. So pretty!!!

Left Side:

Here's where I keep my CDs: mostly Vampire Weekend, The Wombats, Taylor Swift, and some mix CDs from friends and penpals. I've also got a candle, an awesome pick-puncher (turns credit/hotel/gift/etc. cards into guitar picks!!), and MY COACHELLA TICKETS!!! They've been sitting on my desk since I received them in the mail to remind me to smile everyday... because, well, Coachella exists.

I've got a pile of magazine and newspaper clippings, with Alexa Chung and Kanye West on top. There's a box I painted and decorated with seashells from Mexico that I keep receipts and tags in. I have a speaker (that black rectangle thing) that connects to my phone with Bluetooth, and my old iPod. I made this jar to collect loose change with a little drawing of the Icelandic flag on top to remind me to save up for an eventual trip to Iceland. Right next to it is my pens and colored pencils. 

Right Side:

The main attraction here is my sewing machine, which my mom surprised me with for Christmas years ago. To the right of it is my jewelry holder with an "A" for "Alyssa," my trusty IKEA lamp, another candle (from IKEA, of course), and a succulent that I'm desperately trying to not kill. 

The Hanging Things:

I have this thing on my wall which I'm pretty sure has no name, but it's insanely functional. I keep little IKEA jars with pins, paper clips, binder clips, and safety pins on its shelf. There's a tag from the Elizabeth & James sweater I just bought, and a paper crane made by my brother. I found this old Mary plaque thingy at a garage sale, so I glued a photo of Matty Healy of The 1975 on it. I hang my IKEA sewing kit, bracelets, and flower crowns from the pegs on the bottom.

The Wall, Pt. 1:

On the top shell of the hanging thing, I have a little wood block I made with a photo of the blue lagoon in Iceland. There's another photo of the lagoon in a glitter frame I got from Urban Outfitters, and a piece of embroidery I did with the lyrics from Arctic Monkey's "505" in another of the same frame. I have a glass block with an etching of huskies inside from Alaska in between them. On the left is a painting of model Chloe Nørgaard I did a few years ago, and a bunch of train/subway tickets from London, Paris, and Switzerland. Above is a piece of newspaper I got in an art bookstore, a vintage map of the London tube, and some disposable pictures from my trip to England last summer.

The Wall, Pt. 2:

From top to bottom: little cut-outs of Freddie and Justin from The Vaccines from a Levi's ad, a drawing from my lovely penpal Maria, a piece of embroidery with some weird quote written on it, a magazine clipping from my awesome penpal Rosie, some drawings from Rosie, and a ribbon for Founders Club (this club I'm in at school). 

Woohooo!!! I think my desk is a little cluttered. Oh well.

xx Alyssa

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  1. Your desk is so cute! I love the Arctic Monkeys cross stitch!