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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ALT-J: Live at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Helloooo lovelies! I drove a bit out to Santa Barbara last night to see Alt-J for the second time in two days, because seeing them at Coachella was just not enough for me. That was sarcasm. I just really love Alt-J. I'd never been to the Santa Barbara Bowl before, and it was such a nice surprise! The venue is beautiful, in a great area, and just the right size. My friend and I were standing in the GA section, and even though we got there 10 minutes before the opening band (Jungle) went on, we were super close to the front and had a perfect view.

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Jungle was super groovy and entertaining. All of the band members were extremely into their music, and they had great personality and stage presence. I'd never heard of them before, but I definitely did enough their music.

Alt-J was even better than when I saw them at Coachella. They played more songs since there was no limited set time, and the crowd was there solely for Alt-J so we were all singing along. I was surrounded by a bunch of dudes that were super into Alt-J, and it made me so happy. At Coachella, I cried during "Dissolve Me" (it's one of my favorite songs and I just got super emotional, ok???), and I might've shed a tear when they played it last night too.

It was so nice to hear songs like "Bloodflood," "Warm Foothills," "Leaving Nara," and Interlude 1 & 2 that weren't played at Coachella. So nice.

It was also really great to not have a crazy crowd of LA kids that had waited all day to see the band at the venue. The crowd was super chill, nice, and included a lot of UCSB students. Gus (who plays the keys/vocals) expressed on-stage how much he and the band loved coming to the Santa Barbara Bowl, and I felt the same way. I'll for sure see a show at this venue again. Hopefully, it'll be when Alt-J comes back. 

xx Alyssa


  1. I cannot express how jealous I am that you got to see Alt-J, they're like my favourite band, man! I don't think I can ever be fully satified until I hear Bloodflood live. I'm so happy that you had fun! <3


    1. It was the best thing ever, I love them so much and was so incredibly happy/lucky to see them twice in like 4 days!!! :)

  2. you are so, so lucky!!! this sounds amazing xx