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Thursday, April 9, 2015

OBSESSION: Fjallraven

Hello lovelies! If you didn't know already, I'm obsessed with Fjallraven's Kanken backpack (I have two of them, one black and one lavender). There's a Fjallraven flagship store in Soho, so when I visited as part of my East Coast college tour this Spring Break, I had to stop inside. Unfortunately, I don't need another Kanken backpack or a winter coat (haha, thanks Los Angeles), so I resorted to taking a bunch of free pins and buying a little patch for $3.

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Also - I got a pin from Brown University. Don't worry Brown, you get credit too!

So cute!! Fuel to my Fjallraven obsession.

xx Alyssa


  1. love love love kankens! thinking of investing in another one soon but colour choice is so hard x

  2. This is amazing - my brother in law to be is absolutely obsessed with this brand. He always joked that he wanted everybody on his wedding to come dressed in fjallraven clothes which my sister put her veto on. We decided as a family that we want the logo to be pinned on our dresses / outfits but cant find them anywhere (living at stockholm atm but they dont have it). can you tell me where you found them - need 20. Thanks a lot!

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