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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Helloooo lovelies! Lucky Shops is having a contest on Polyvore to win a $500 gift card towards their store, and the prompt was to create an outfit that embodies the spring trends. I made three, and I though I'd share them with you all:

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Normally androgyny is saved for suits and other warm-weather occasions, but who says we can't take one from the boys once it starts getting hot? These shorts look like a feminized version of J.Crew or Vineyard Vines pair, but the crop top balances it out to make it flirty and fun. The red graphic on the shorts ties into the red-accented varsity-type sweater (because it'll probably get chilly out on the sea), as well as the simple, yet eye-catching sunglasses. And what androgynous outfit would be complete without a pair of loafers? These silver ones go with the whole ensemble, while still making a statement.


60s/70s by makennaa featuring black shoes

For this outfit, I was thinking late 60s (woodstock-era) and early 70s. I'm a strong supporter for double denim. DENIM IS ALWAYS IN STYLE!!!! This structured pop-art crop top is the perfect pair to the relaxed, high-waisted shorts, and the sunglasses match perfectly with a bit of red. If you're going to a music festival, you're not gonna want to wear any shoes other than sneakers. Take this from a Coachella veteran; I have worn my pair of Chuck Taylors every single time I've gone to a festival.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for florals. This crop top is just the perfect mix of flirty flower print and structured lines. The white skirt brings class and simplicity to the outfit, while the denim jacket makes it a little more casual and perfect for a day shopping, walking in the park, or going to lunch with friends on a beautiful spring day in Los Angeles. Also - I'm a sucker for a chunky sandal. The blue tassels on these tie the whole outfit together, but the lines are still simple enough to not be too overwhelming. The sunnies are the same; they add another layer to the outfit, but aren't too matchy-matchy. What I would do with $500 to buy this outfit!

xx Alyssa

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