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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ART: Watercolor on Vinyl

Hello lovelies!!!! The end of the school year is coming up quickly, and I've already finished loads of projects for my Advanced Studio Art class this year. We have Gallery Night (which is an exhibition of all Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Photography students' work) tonight at my school, so I thought I'd share two of my pieces that are on display that I'm really proud of. Both were done on vinyl, a material I've discovered I love.

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For this piece, I was inspired by cave paintings; I'd like to think it's some kind of three-dimensional 'painting' from extraterrestrial beings, sort of like something humans in the distant future would think is ancient. Weird. I used watercolor and acrylic paint on vinyl, as well as a bit of white charcoal.

This piece was inspired by Tracey Emin for an "inspired artist" project we were assigned. I cut out a bunch of different pieces of vinyl, painted letters and backgrounds, and assembled it to create this quilt-like thought map.

Yay for art!!! 

xx Alyssa

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