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Monday, April 20, 2015

THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE: Opening Ceremony, Magazines, Vinyl, and Doodles

Hello lovelies! I spent my whole entire Sunday lazing around, doing homework, studying, and appreciating a day of rest after a hectic past week... it requires a week to recover after Coachella!!! Here's some of the things that made me smile yesterday:

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A few pins on my bedside table (next to my gemstones, of course) that I had taken off of my denim jacket the night before. The Japanese one is from Kyoto, Humbug is from a penpal, VAMS one is DIY, and Adidas is from another penpal. I love my penpals!!!

I got Panda Bear's Tomboy on vinyl at the record tent at Coachella, and it's been the only thing on my turntable the whole week. I played the whole thing through as I worked on sewing a kimono from Batik fabric my grandma got me during her trip to Bali - photos coming soon!

I also got to catch up on some magazine reading, hence the glasses because I am blind/too lazy to wear contacts on the weekends.

I read a bit of the free Vice magazine from Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles, as well as flipped through the Chloe Sevingy x Opening Ceremony lookbook. I got a pair of Acne jeans at OC on Saturday, so I'm basically ecstatic and nothing can bring me down for a very, very long time. This is my first pair of real, nice jeans, and I can't wait to wear them for a month straight and not wash them until I spill ramen on them or something. Everyone tells me you're not supposed to wash black jeans until you actually need to because they really don't get dirty, and that way, I won't stretch them out.

I also just admired my little wall set-up that's above my desk. Different sections of my room have different wall decorations, but this might be my favorite bit because it has drawings from two of my penpals from Wales and Norway, as well as some embroidery I did a while ago, and cut-outs from The Vaccines' ad for Levi's. 

I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing weekend! 

xx Alyssa


  1. "Last Night at the Jetty" from Tomboy is one of my favorite songs of all time!


    1. I don't know anyone else who likes panda bear, it's so nice that you appreciate him as much as I do!!

  2. All of these things make me smile <3