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Friday, May 29, 2015

Painting: Bluish

Leave it to me to name my artwork after songs, song lyrics, etc. For this in-school project, our assignment was to create a piece that comments on body image. I felt as if the whole "depicting plastic surgery/women in media/etc" was a bit cliché, so I opted for a different route. In the summer of 2013, I spent a week with a bunch of good friends at a camp in Lake Arrowhead. We went out on a boat trip, and ended up piling our legs on top of each other in the back of the boat; my friend had taken a photo and put it on Facebook, so I dug through her photo albums, found said photo, and used it as my inspiration. This relates to body image for me personally because throughout this week, everyone was dressing fashionably and always looked cute. Trust me when I say that's not what camp is normally like... but when you put a bunch of Los Angeles teenagers in the mountains for a week, that's what you get. The fact that people would be so focused on their appearances in a camp setting makes me laugh, but it was also something I thought needed to be commented on.

watercolor on vinyl

I gave the painting a blue hue as it invokes feelings of sadness for me... nostalgia, almost. Also, the sadness in the fact that we cared so much about what we looked like. It was sorta pathetic. But I do love how the painting turned out!

xx Alyssa


  1. this is so cute, i love the details!


  2. Love this!