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Monday, June 1, 2015

American Apparel Haul: Lulu Pink Grid Set

Helloooo lovelies!!! So American Apparel had a 30% off sale on Memorial Day, which made me unbelievably happy... especially because I finally got that cliché "aesthetic" mini skirt and crop top set, the Lulu. I managed to get both the Lulu skirt and top for a whopping total of $30 (I know right???) when each piece is regularly $42. I am ecstatic. There's nothing better than getting this pretty package in the mail.

Definitely worth the $30. I really like both pieces, and the skirt fits really well. I like the fit better than the American Apparel circle skirt, which gets a little too ruffly and twirly for my liking. I actually made a pattern from the Lulu skirt after I got it, and made three more skirts out of my own fabric that are exactly like it!
xx Alyssa

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  1. Such a cute set. Great that you got it reduced! I have a discount code for American Apparel that I've been saving for a rainy day! X