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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Amoeba Music Haul

Hello lovelies!! I went to Amoeba Music over the weekend, and got some sweet deals on a bunch of great music. I mean, I payed full price for a few things, but it was still totally worth it. Vinyl makes me happy. I apologize for the quality of these pictures... I photograph at weird times of day!!

The Whole Squad:

"Handsome" and "Dream Lover" Singles:
I love The Vaccines, you probably know that by now. These were $10 each, and I have English Graffiti on vinyl coming in the mail, but I had to get them because the feeling of not having singles like "If You Wanna" and "Wreckin' Bar" because they aren't available anymore makes me really sad. Also these ones are pretty colors. 

Person Pitch and Mr. Noah by Panda Bear:
Surprise surprise, I bought more Panda Bear! I was hoping I'd find Person Pitch on vinyl (I have Tomboy and Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper already), but I'm not complaining that I got the CD for $5. It's so pretty, and so nice to have the little booklet. Person Pitch has one of my favorite album artworks. The Mr. Noah CD was a promotional thing, so you can't actually buy it anywhere, which makes me extremely happy to know that I got it for only $2. $2!!!! That's like, free. 

And for the finale of bad quality images of music, Danse Manatee by Animal Collective!!!!

xx Alyssa

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  1. That area is West Hollywood :)