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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Art Textures

Well, I've reached the final two days of my art program in Chicago, where I've been working on my portfolio for the past two weeks. It's been non-stop (as in 9-4 every day, plus extra studio hours), and I've produced pieces that I'm really proud of. Hopefully, the board of admissions at all of the colleges I'm applying to in Fall will feel the same way! I'm probably only applying to one art school, but I'm going to submit a portfolio to every other college/university I apply to, as I plan to study art whether it be a second major or a minor.

At my high school, I take a class that's basically just titled "Art," although it is primarily a painting/drawing class. We don't do any 3D work, so I thought I'd take advantage of my time this summer and do some cool 3D pieces for my portfolio. I'm working on two large tapestries, and I took a few photos of the different textures to share with you all:

foil and vinyl

faux fur, felt

cut up ant-static film

fur and batting

safety pins

video and audio cassette tape

feathers from my Tanzanian safari last year, faux fur, faux hair

coat lining, ink

I can't wait to finish these pieces, and will definitely post photos of the final project within the next few days. Hope everyone is having a lovely summer!

xx Alyssa

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