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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Three New Vinyls: ENGLISH GRAFFITI (the vaccines), IN COLOUR (jamie xx), PERSON PITCH (panda bear)

Hello lovely people!!! I'm so happy right now... I finally bought a replacement needle for my turntable, and in the past week, I've gotten three new (fantastic) vinyls. Here's my thoughts on each:

IN COLOUR - Jamie xx

This album is awesome. I've never been really into The xx, but I've loved Jamie xx for a while now - after missing his set at Coachella 2013, I finally got to see him at Coachella 2015 back in April, and have been waiting for this album to come out ever since. I listened to it once the whole way through when it was released on Spotify, and I was hooked. Standout songs (in my opinion) are "Gosh," "Obvs," "Stranger In A Room," and "The Rest Is Noise." The way he uses steel drums in "Obvs" just gets me. This is a definitely an album that I would put on in my car while driving home in the dark. It's introspective, British, and peaceful - anything I could ever want in music.


Another fantastic album from a British act, which came out 2 (I think?) weeks ago now. The Vaccines are my favorite band, and although they took a bit of a new direction with this record, their roots are definitely still visible and what they've created is amazing. My favorite songs are "Minimal Affection" (shoutout to that Strokes influence - we all heard it), "All Afternoon In Love," "20/20" (gives me flashbacks to "Wreckin' Bar"), "Give Me A Sign" (it sounds like a One Direction song, and I love it), and one of the bonus tracks, "English Graffiti." I'm not gonna lie, I actually cried the first time I listened to "All Afternoon In Love." It reminds me of "Family Friend," "Lonely World," and "Somebody Else's Child," from their earlier two albums. Melancholy lyrics, hard-hitting guitar, Justin Young going on about being in love and getting fed up with other people. He is my favorite.


Not British, not new, and not surprising, it's Panda Bear's critically acclaimed (and I mean 9.4 on Pitchfork) album, Person Pitch. I literally posted last week about getting this in CD format at Amoeba for like, $5... well, let me tell you a story. I love this album with all of my heart. The first Panda Bear song I heard was "Comfy In Nautica," the first track on this album, and I've cherished it ever since. I mean, who doesn't like 12 minutes of non-stop Panda Bear? Yes, I'm talking about one song: "Bros. " Anyways, I've been wanting in on vinyl forever; I looked online, but it's currently out of print and $80 on Amazon was just not going to cut it for me. I went to Amoeba Records in hopes of finding a used copy, but had no success (thus the CD). I'm actually convinced it was by some divine intervention that I spotted this record in the stacks at the Urban Outfitters store in Santa Monica right as I was about to leave... for $13. Thirteen dollars. It's not used, I don't think; there's no scratches on the actual vinyl, and nothing is missing. But it was the only copy, and was banged up around the edges and a little worn on the inside from rubbing together. I'm so perplexed on how this single copy of Person Pitch ended up in the biggest record collection in an Urban Outfitters that I know of. Was it an old warehouse copy?? I don't know, I don't care. I'm ecstatic.

What has everyone else been listening to lately? Anyone have good music/vinyls they recommend?

xx Alyssa

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