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Friday, July 17, 2015

ROGUE Magazine

Hello lovely people! I'm so excited to be part of the ROGUE Mag team, so I thought I'd share:


ROGUE is a brand new (literally, we launched two weeks ago) magazine that publishes in digital and print. Taken straight from our website, theroguemag.com:

 In an age where style has overtaken substance, listicles run rampant, and likes supersede quality, Rogue is raising its flag to give a voice to creatives the world over. We want to discover the journey behind the artists we admire and give them the platform to tell their story unfiltered. The objective is to shy away from commercially stylized photoshoots & instead lean towards imagery that conveys the subject's personality, without drowning them behind brand names.

We aim to push boundaries both in content and visuals, without sensationalizing our subject matter. We want to build real relationships with our viewers and talent to create relevant cultural content. Rogue will not be a shopping guide or a walking advertisement. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of art, not commerce. 

As a high schooler, I couldn't feel more fortunate to be working with such an amazing, experienced team. Our website (again, theroguemag.com) already has some fantastic features on Marina Diamandis (of Marina & The Diamonds), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Death Cab For Cutie, Shiloh Fernandez, and many more. ROGUE really aims to show the honest, unaltered side of artists; this is what distinguishes us from other lifestyle publications. 
xx Alyssa

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