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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Steal Her Style: Alexa Chung @ Glastonbury 2015

I always gey major festival envy when Glastonbury rolls around. I've wanted to go since 8th grade, and I might actually go next year with my best friend! I've always loved how different the fashion is from that of Coachella, as "chella" fashion is the only one I'm really familiar with/used to. I'm going to Outside Lands in less than a month now, so I've been searching for festival outfit ideas for cooler weather; and by cooler, I mean less than 90 degrees. Here's some outfit ideas I created, based off of Alexa Chung's Glasto 2015 style. 

steal her style // alexa chung #1

white slogan tee, black leather jacket, neutral patterned scarf

steal her style // alexa chung #3

cropped leather jacket, high waisted denim shorts, black tights

steal her style // alexa chung #2

denim collared dress, grey translucent raincoat, neutral patterned scarf

steal her style // alexa chung #4

high neck and neutral-colored crop top, bright and flowy shorts, wellies

Although I don't think I'll need the rainboots at Outside Lands, I'm really getting excited about planning my outfits. I want to plan my Glasto 2016 outfits now, too!

xx Alyssa

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