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Monday, July 6, 2015

What's In My Bag: July 2015

I only have two-thirds of my summer left, but I'm having a whole lot of fun! 4th of July this year was the best one I've ever celebrated, and I can't wait to go to Brown University and take a class on music and its influence on politics (and vice versa). I've driven all over creation this summer, as it's the first one I've had my license, and so I've collected a few things in my bag lately that I thought would be fun to show!

My everyday bag is a vintage crossbody from Coach that I got at the Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles. I bought it last summer, and have used it nonstop since then. It's got enough room for all of my crap (although I don't carry around a lot of crap), but it's not big enough for it to get super heavy or in the way. It's the perfect size and great quality!

What's in my bag, from left to right:

My wallet, from Kate Spade; my car keys; a wig cap, from when my friends and I tried on a bunch of wigs in Chicago for fun; my sunglasses, from Celine; a Swiss Army Knife; a tape from a band called Impulsive Hearts, which I can only play in my mom's car's tape deck... but I liked the songs!!!; 35mm film that I've had since January and need to get developed; a coffee cup sleeve from Alfred Coffee; the CD that came with the deluxe version of English Graffiti by The Vaccines on vinyl.

xx Alyssa


  1. What a great bag! I'll definitely have to check out Melrose Trading Post :)


  2. HAH I wish my bag was as clean/organized/beautiful as this. Instead it's literally 3/4 full of the comics that come in the gum I get from a local diner. Teach me your waaaaaaays.