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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Case for CDs

Don't get me wrong, I love vinyl. I love instant download codes, free EPs dropped online in the middle of the night, finding new music on Soundcloud - but I love CDs. I'm almost 17 years old, and I'm pretty sure everyone my age had CDs when they were younger. My first was either Metamorphosis by Hilary Duff or Let Go by Avril Lavigne. I think my love for this format has something to do with the fact that I live in Los Angeles; I have spent SO much of my life in a car. Every day since I was five years old, I've had a 30-minute drive to and from school. That's at least an hour in the car every day, and when I was younger and Radio Disney wasn't cutting it for me, that translated to an hour of listening to CDs.


Now, with digital formats (and even vinyl, probably) being more popular than CDs, I'm getting sad. I really don't want the CD to die. Laptops don't have CD drives anymore. People don't listen to CDs unless they're in a car. I find myself listening to them when my phone is dead or my AUX cord isn't available... I can't do FM radio. I would much rather listen to Person Pitch in full.

My friends and I still make mix CDs for each other. I get them in the mail from pen pals, too. I love having artists sign their CDs; the one about is This Modern Glitch by The Wombats, which I got signed when I met them at Coachella in 2013. I love records, I really do... and I think that they are the superior physical format. But there's just something about the little CD that makes me so happy. Carrying them in my purse, stacking them up in the glove compartment of my car, and displaying them on my desk will never get old. Please don't leave, CDs.

xx Alyssa

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  1. I know how you feel, and you can imagine my distress when I found out that my laptop doesn't have a place to import CDs :((


  2. I really do love CDs and I sincerely hope they don't have the same fate as cassette tapes :( I also spend a lot of time in the car and there are certain albums which are really nostalgic for me due to car journeys as a child x

  3. Yaass I love owning physical copies of my fave music! I must be the only one in my family who still gets hyped in hmv ^_- x


  4. I AM IN HORRIBLE DISTRESS THAT CDS WILL BE GONE SOON. I love those weird little holographic circles and they're so much more fun to have on hand than an iPod. Here's hoping they stay around forever.

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ intergalactic glitter monster

  5. I feel the same exact way!!! I have a bunch load of CDs and I just love having them around, it's kind of a comfort zone? Hahahah, I almost started crying when I found out new laptops don't carry CDs anymore, it's just so crazy to me!!!!! I will forever buy CDs.