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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Da Costanzo Sandals

It's been a crazy exciting summer in my family. I went to SAIC in Chicago for two weeks and Brown University in Rhode Island for three (alone), and while I was away, my mom and brother spent two weeks in Italy. They took cooking classes, visited the legendary museums, and of course, did a good amount of shopping - for me! Well, I got one present from their travels: a pair of Da Costanzo sandals. They're legendary, from Capri, hand-made, and worn by Jackie Kennedy. They're my new favorite sandals (sorry, Birkenstocks). 


I haven't had a pair of real sandals since I got my Arizona Birkenstocks (in black) in the summer of 2013. I mean, those things are so comfortable and go with everything... but I knew I needed a nice pair of sandals that I could wear to occasions and events where the attendees wouldn't be as open to the Birkenstock-wearing person that I am.

When my mom asked me if I wanted anything from her trip, I remembered a friend that told me her sister had brought her a pair of leather sandals back from Italy that she ended up wearing 24/7. I simply asked for a pair of black leather sandals, and I couldn't be happier. They're comfortable, easier to wear, and go with everything. Shoutout to my mom, and shoutout to the guys on Capri that make the best sandals ever!

xx Alyssa

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