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Monday, September 28, 2015

My Last Homecoming Game

Being a Senior in high school comes with its perks: authority, confidence, more days off for "college visits," being closer and closer to college. Yet, the one bad thing about it is that, as the insanely sentimental and nostalgic person I am, I find myself constantly realizing that something just happened for the last time. 

I have been a cheerleader all four years of high school, and regardless of what people say, it's a very time-consuming, physical sport. Still, I love it, because the feeling of cheering on my school's team when they make a great play to get the lead is fantastic. I cheered at my last football game this past Friday; well, not really cheered... more like stood with my coaches in uniform and yelled out the cheers with my teammates, as I'm not permitted to do physical activity for four more weeks due to my car accident. Nevertheless, I had a great time, and the fact that it's over makes me infinitely sad.

Every senior on the team (there are five of us) got these adorable baby's breath/white rose crowns to wear during the game. In order to satisfy the nostalgia I knew I would have soon, I kept my crown to dry out in my bedroom.

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