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Thursday, September 17, 2015

New York Fashion Week (SS 2016): Day 1

Hello lovely people! I've returned from my very first New York Fashion Week, and I'm already missing it. I had the most amazing experience working at my cousin's presentation, seeing old friends that live in the city, and discovering places I'd never been before. 

I always love taking photos of scenery from up in the air.

Acne Studios is literally a dreamland. I love their advertising, and it was all over the city on construction boards - the aesthetic killed me.

Here are some photos of my cousin's NEO-TROPICO presentation:

pre-show hair and makeup

one of the models, who is from my hometown

Australian actress Stef Dawson posing with some of the models

some of the looks

all of the looks

pieces hanging backstage

I got to work at my cousin's (Max Gengos) presentation, which was so much fun. The clothes were beautiful, and I'm so proud of him! I even got to wear one of his tops during the show. I'm still recovering from my car accident last weekend, so I had a bandaid covering up a nasty scrape and bruise that we stamped with Max's logo.

Top: Max Gengos (maxgengos.com)
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: ASOS

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xx Alyssa


  1. Dude, that is so cool that you got to go to NYFW and how your cousin was a part of it!!!!!! The outfit you wore is just so so so cute, the top is now on my list of "essential clothes i need to buy" hahahah. Glad you're doing better from your accident!!!