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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tiny Necklaces

Recently, I've made an effort to wear more jewelry. I know that sounds a little dumb, but during Cheerleading season, I stop wearing jewelry because we can't have it on for practice or games, and I'm prone to losing things like tiny rings and earrings. We haven't been in-season since around March, and I've finally gotten to breaking out my necklaces again; here are my favorites.


From left to right:

An "A" necklace that I got from a friend for my birthday, probably when I was 15. It goes with everything!

A triangle of crystals on a rose gold chain.

A tiny purple crystal on a silver chain, from my mother years ago.

A double-chain necklace; one with an octopus charm, the other with an octopus cut-out charm. This was a Christmas present from a friend in middle school, and I still love it and wear it all the time.

xx Alyssa

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