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Friday, October 23, 2015

Creating My College Application Portfolio

Well, last night I submitted my first college application. It's a scary feeling; half of me feels insanely relieved, and the other half feels frightened and nervous because now it's completely out of my hands whether or not I get admitted. I'm submitting a Visual Arts portfolio to every school I apply to, and so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of my work that I've never posted before. 


This piece was one of two still life drawings that I included in my portfolio. I wanted to experiment with camouflage and the act of being one with nature. I feel most at peace with myself and the world when I am alone in nature, whether it be sitting in a towering forest, skiing the top of a snowy mountain, or swimming in a quiet ocean. The objects in this piece seem to fade into the background, which I accomplished by using lines that mimic the lines of the fabric.

In this still life, I explored the bends and buckles (the title means "distortion" in Icelandic) of glass reflections. While, on the outside, a glass bottle seems like a smooth and perfect exterior, it becomes clear that is not the case in observing the reflections on its surface. I used to be very self-conscious; for example, I hated the moles on my face. Now, instead of seeing them as imperfections, I see them as an aspect of my appearance that is unique to myself; these slight, beautiful distortions are the same that distort light through glass.

This is an ink print I did about a year ago. I used cheese cloth, lace, paper, and dried leaves to create this creepy cult-like silhouette. I actually didn't include this in my portfolio since I already had 15 pieces that I loved (a little more than this one), but I do like this piece a lot.

xx Alyssa