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Monday, October 19, 2015

Father John Misty & Mikal Cronin at The Wiltern (10/17)

Well... today is my seventeenth birthday! I am finally the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen. Just seventeen, you know what I mean? And the way I looked was way beyond compare... Alright, I'll stop now. 

On Saturday night, my best friends surprise kidnapped me from my house, took me out to my favorite restaurant (it's Tatsu Ramen, if you didn't know), and then brought me to The Wiltern to see Father John Misty. This past summer, I took a course titled "Music & Politics: From Mozart to Arcade Fire" at Brown University, and my professor included two FJM songs in the course curriculum: "Holy Shit" and "Bored In The USA." Ever since then, I've loved his music, and I was so excited to finally see him live.

Mikal Cronin opened up for the great J. Tillman; I've never seen him before (let alone listened to his music), but I did really enjoy the set. Great music to proceed Father John Misty, too.

Now, let me tell you - I love this man. His ironic lyrics, his quirky, sarcastic stage presence, his hilarious (approaching on asshole) personality. His music is great, too, obviously. This show was amazing. The crowd was fantastic, singing along to every song. Jokes were made, tears were shed, and even a fight broke out in the middle of "Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)." "It's not my most violent song," Tillman said, stopping right after the first chorus when all the lights came up. "Do you have your shit together, now?" he asked, before strumming that opening chord and starting the song all over again. 

Other highlights of the night included Tillman grabbing the phone of a fan in the front row and filming himself perform, the immense amount of couples in the audience, and the whole crowd screaming "SAVE ME WHITE JESUS" during "Bored in the USA." Myself included.

It was a fantastic show, a great night, and a birthday surprise I will always remember. Happy 17th to me!

xx Alyssa

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  1. ahh, these are such cool shots! and happy birthday dancing queen <3