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Sunday, October 11, 2015

How To Act Like You're From Los Angeles

1. Have a perfect Instagram aesthetic. 
Pick a theme and stick to it. It can be a color (whites, pinks, blues), a specific filter, you can even post countless selfies; just make sure that it's cohesive and not irritating. All of my friends (including myself) have Instagram feeds that are on point. Bonus points for beach sunset photos.

2. Change up your style often.
One thing LA girls can do best is our impeccable ability to change our style from day to day. Monday, a look straight out of Gossip Girl. Wednesday, you're going to garage-rock show at The Fonda. Friday, you're about to leave for Coachella. Los Angeles has such a wide variety of style/shopping opportunities, and we take advantage of them all. 

3. Add these words to your vocabulary: SoulCycle, Pressed Juice, The Bu, mob, the 405.
a) expensive workout place, b) expensive blended crap, c) where the celebrities really hang out, d) a verb meaning "go," e) hell on earth. 

4. Have an opinion on every restaurant, even if you've never been there.
Gracias Madre? I've been there, but it's too vegan for me. Good celeb sightings though. Tatsu Ramen? Definitely the best on Sawtelle. What, you've never been to Blue Plate? Oh my god, I'm embarrassed to be your friend. 

5. If you do see a celebrity, pretend like you don't know who they are.
Oh yeah, I see Kim and Kanye at that Starbucks all the time. Of course I didn't get a picture. In the words of the great Father John Misty: 

6. Even if you're like me and you don't like juice/boba/other weird drinks, pretend you do.
Or at least order everything but weird drinks at places like Urth Caffe and Kreation. 

7. Drive everywhere. Complain about the traffic, but secretly enjoy singing along to your music library while you're stopped on the freeway.
What's public transportation? How do you use that? If I'm gonna sit in traffic, I'd rather do it in the comfort of my own Beetle (that I named, of course) listening to some unknown artist that's playing at the Troubador next week.

8. Go to Coachella once. 
No matter where you're from, when I go to Coachella, I assume everyone is Californian. There's just something about being stuck in a hot desert for a weekend with people wearing minimally clothing... they never forget the flower crowns, though.

9. Hike, even if it's for 15 minutes on flat land.
Make sure you wear cute workout clothes and Instagram it.

10. Constantly talk about how you want to move to New York City.
"I'd just like to experience seasons, and like, a real city, you know?"

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xx Alyssa


  1. Haha love this, so funny ^_^ x


  2. This post is awesome, su much fun to read! Thanks for the tips ;)
    xo Kiki

  3. I've got number 10 nailed, bahaha. This was hilariously insightful? I'll be assuming this is satire (I LOVE a good satire) and had a good little giggle reading this. Have a splendid week, Alyssa!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    P.S// Yes, your instagram feed is on POINT.

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad you like it!! That was the aim :)

  4. Hahahaha I love this! And guess what! I HAVE been to Blue Plate so I guess I'm legit now right?


  5. hahahaha oh my god i loved this!!! seriously the best blog post ever, truly got the real meaning of being from LA


  6. I featured this on my blog today yay! happy friday!