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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Bay Area

My lack of posts this past week is due to my Thanksgiving holiday here in the US - every year, my family travels up the 101 to spend time with family in the Bay Area. We spend hours cooking for our Thanksgiving feast, and I must say, my pumpkin pie this year was the best it's ever been. I visited friends from the Bay Area, did a little shopping, a lot of eating, and had a great quick break before December sets in. Three weeks until winter break!

It's a little sad how fascinated I am with the fact that things are actually green and alive in Northern California. 

I visited Hayes Valley for the first time, and was not disappointed. This car parked on one of the streets around Hayes just made my day. Look how adorable it is!

We always make our way to the Ferry Building after eating dim sum at the Rincon Center. I thought this sign was cute (and kind of funny - really, NO! DOGS!).

My friend took me to this cute little ice cream counter somewhere around Haight-Ashbury (I think?). I got Honey Lavender and Pumpkin flavors, and it was fantastic.

I hope everyone in the US had a lovely Thanksgiving break! 

xx Alyssa


  1. looks like a lovely time! the ice cream flavors sounds amazing